November 3, 2009 – Eyelips needed!, the Wonkas, and the Cookies.

Chance, Destiny, and Hope – kittens at MEOW Cat Rescue in Washington State – have eyelid agenesis, which is what the True Blood kittens had. It sounds like they’re worse off than most of the True Bloods (except for Terry and Bill), and they’re raising funds so that these sweet kittens can have surgery. It’s not the same surgery the True Bloods had (so there won’t actually be eyelips involved), but the end result will be the same!

Go see these cuties and give if you can!

(Thanks, Limbo, for the link!)


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The Wonkas are doing just fine, thank you. Mike and Violet appear (from what I can tell, since I don’t spend every moment in their room and they refuse to poop on demand) to be over their diarrhea. I started mixing not only Forti-Flora and powdered slippery elm bark with their canned food in the morning and again at night, but I also tossed some pumpkin in there as well, because I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

They liked the canned food with Forti-Flora and powdered slippery elm bark in it, but when I added the pumpkin? Holy moly. I had to start dropping the plates and running for my life or they’d have chewed my arm off. They are fans of the pumpkin, it would appear.

“Yep. I liked that pumpkin.”

“You got more pumpkin?”

A fun game: grab the nearest kitten, turn the little laundry basket upside down over the top of him, and stick a toy in there. The other kittens come running from whatever they were doing to jump on top of the laundry basket and poke their paws through the laundry basket in a losing attempt to get the toy. The kitten under the basket (in this case, Mike) usually responds by smacking at the paws that come through the basket.


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So, we’ve had the Cookies for two weeks now. How about a formal introduction to each?

You already know this is Hydrox. But we can’t leave him out, can we? I love him.

Keebler. He’s darker all over than his sisters are. Not that I can usually tell which one he is, until I look at his ears to make sure one of them isn’t marked. We tend to call him “Boy” because we’ve called Hydrox by his name since we named them (or sometimes we call him “the black one”), and Keebler’s the only other boy. He and Hydrox have spent a lot of time tussling in the last few days. I guess they’re getting the hang of this play-fighting thing – though Hydrox is kind of rough, sometimes.

Lorna Doone. Also known as “Orange” (her right ear is marked at the tip with orange.) She’s one of the biggest kittens of the bunch, and super friendly and sweet. She loves to get right up in your face and have you kiss her. A LOT.

Milano, also known as “Pink” because she has a natural splash of pink at the tip of her right ear. Well, it’s not actually pink, it’s orange – but we already had an orange! She’s the smallest one of the bunch, but she’s a good eater (when she wants to be) and I have faith that she’ll catch up with her big sisters soon enough.

TimTam, also known as “Blue.” There’s actually a dab of yellow at the tip of her ear, but there was originally a dab of blue there, but it was hard to see, and we’d confuse her with Keebler. She’s neck-and-neck with Lorna Doone as far as being the biggest ones in the litter. She’s a sweetie and the first one to belly up to the plate of canned cat food. She’s no dummy – she sees food, she’s gonna eat it!


November 3, 2009 – Eyelips needed!, the Wonkas, and the Cookies. — 12 Comments

  1. I’m not surprised they like pumpkin. I sometimes buy human baby food as a treat for my cats, and squash has always been a favorite.

  2. My cat, Hocus, used to have terrible constipation problems and the vet suggested giving him pumpkin. I thought the vet was crazy. I used to make him the most disgusting combination…pumpkin, a little of tuna (with the juice), wet cat food, metamucil, and his medicine. It looked and smelled vile, but he LOVED it.

  3. Our first cat Sylvester loved pumpkin too. He beat on the mechanism for the spring loaded cabinet opener w/his paw (we observed this later), stold a tastykake (single serve) pumkin pie and ate the whole thing. We were asleep and found the empty container on the counter the next morning.He loved anything eggnog too. I thought it was the spices. He was a tea and soup lover too-I always gave him a little saucer of soup or peppermint tea. He loved to sniff the tea box-I have pictures of him w/the box on his head. He was a character!
    Since Keebler is the darkest does he have the brown lips? Can’t tell from these photos. They are ALL so cute those Cookies and the Wonkas too!

  4. Hélène: I give mine chicken baby food – never thought of squash, but I’ll have to give that a try!

    Diane: That sounds horrible, but god knows cats adore the most disgusting things. 🙂

    Annette R: I *think* Keebler does have brown lips, but I don’t know for sure. I’ll try to remember to check and report back!

  5. I second the request for what you use to mark their ears! That would be very handy for when the babies are too small to wear paper collars.

  6. BCR & Lorene: I use the tiniest dab of nail polish on the ends of their fur at the tips of their left ears (on the outside of their ears, not the inside). I bought a few bottles of brightly colored polish at Target (orange, yellow, blue). I just use a tiny bit, it dries quickly, and it stays for a long time without needing to be reapplied.

  7. Nice to meet you, cute Cookies! What a colorful bunch. 🙂

    Just went over the check out Destiny, Hope and Chance — they’re gorgeous. Will pop over again on Friday (payday!) to help them out some. Thanks for the link!

  8. Just back from Meow… fingers crossed for good response for Destiny, Hope & Chance! Poor babies!

    I love the inverted playpen idea. Must try that with the bigger variety of kitteh, too (I have a massive laundry basket) and see what happens. It always amazes me when big kittehs turn into kittens over the silliest things. 🙂

  9. Hello little Cookies – nice to meet you all formally! We really enjoy reading about the kitties adventures!

    Charlemagne and Tamar