Brolo, Chemda, Keith, Khalili, and Patrice came to us on October 9, 2007. They came from a farm in Tennessee – there were several moms left at the farm, and most of the other kittens (I’m not sure how many) either died or were killed by other animals. The foster mom ended up keeping the moms & SAAW had them spayed. Keith and Brolo are from the same litter, and Patrice, Khalili and Chemda are all singletons. They were named after people from my favorite podcast, Keith and the Girl.

They were with us only for a short time – they went off to Petsmart on October 18th – but proved themselves to be silly, snuggly, wild little things.

You can read about KATG beginning here (there are links at the top and bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one). You can see all the pictures taken of them during their stay with us here at Flickr, or scroll through them below.

KATG kittens