Felix & Webster

Felix (left) and Webster (right).

Estimated date of birth: 3/24/16

Brothers Webster (orange tabby) and Felix (brown tabby manx) came to us on June 3rd. They’d been at the shelter for a couple of weeks beforehand, but needed to have more room to run around, and came to us to wait out the time until their last vaccinations.

They were actually spoken for before they even came to us – adopted TOGETHER – and were in great health, so we got to just sit back and relax and enjoy having those crazy boys run around like little wild things.

Webster has an instant, VERY loud purr that he turns on the instant you even so much as think about looking in his direction. He’s very affectionate and confident, and knows that you are DYING to snuggle and kiss him.

Felix is the deep thinker of the duo, and will sit back and suss out a situation before he proceeds. He doesn’t purr as quickly or as loudly as his brother, and at first we thought maybe he was just one of those kittens who doesn’t purr, but after about a week, he made it clear that he CAN purr and he WILL purr, he just has to WANT to purr.

Both boys are super friendly, confident, and sweet. They love to snuggle up for naps, and are great nap time companions. They both love to race and play, and Felix is a big-time climber. He has only a tiny little nub of a tail, and that boy can FLY. They are sweet little daredevils, and I’m so glad that they get to spend their lives together, snuggling and playing.

They will be going to their forever home on July 5, 2016, and their new family is eagerly awaiting them!

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Webster & Felix