1-3-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Fritter’s keeping his eye on the feather teaser. Someone’s gotta!

Remember these little faces? That’s d’Artagnan and Porthos, our Mewsketeers who were adopted together. Dawn reports that Santa brought fresh new sparkle balls for Christmas. Those boys must have been VERY good this year! (Thanks, Dawn!)

That gray kitten is Jupiter, formerly Mewsketeer kitten Planchet. Kai said that Jupiter and his big brother Bushwacker love each other SO MUCH. How sweet is that? (Thanks Kai!)

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Pretzel sure does love that Uncle Charlie, and she’s not afraid to say so.

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Uncle Charlie’s face is cracking me UP. (That’s Fritter with him.)

Good night innernets. (Fritter)

Auntie Alice is not a fan of kittens, not even Fritter.

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Kitten Clown Car compilation. By request: a compilation of the kitten clown car videos, from 15 kittens all the way down to 2.

Hooray, hooray, Pretzel and Fritter have been adopted and are headed home to Atlanta right now! Pretzel will keep her name; Fritter is now Peanut. Peanut and Pretzel – how cute is that? They join kitty friend Abbey in their new home! Happy life, sweet babies. ❤️❤️❤️

“Bobby (formerly Funnel Cake) is attacking the whatsit-on-a-wand, but Carmelita is peeping around the corner to see what’s going on…” (Carmelita’s little face is killing me DEAD.)(Thanks, Michael!)

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Watch ’em eat: The Vittles, from then to now.

I know you guys think Charlie is going to miss the kittens, but since they left he’s been stretched out, snoozing and cricket purring. I think Uncle Charlie will be just fine.

And then there was one…plus. (Good night innernets!)

Surprise! Meet our new foster Moira Rose (in case you didn’t already meet her in this morning’s blog post.)⁠

We got her over a week ago – she’s been hanging out in the guest bedroom ’til the foster room was empty (I scrubbed the foster room after Pretzel and Peanut (formerly Fritter) left yesterday, and we moved her into the foster room last night.) She’s a bit nervous still, but at least she’s letting us pet her and I’ve even picked her up a few times.⁠

And yes – I’m pretty sure there are kittens in that belly, and am also sure that we’ve got a while yet to go before we see those kittens. ⁠

Moira came from an outside colony of cats, is clearly not feral, and is about 10 months old. (Yes, that’s young – Caroline (mama to the Half Pints) was younger and smaller.)⁠

The naming theme for Moira Rose and her future kittens is the TV show Schitt’s Creek. Since I’m leaning away from calling them, collectively, The Schitt-heads (I really do try not to offend people, believe it or not), if you’re familiar with the show and have a suggestion, I’m all ears. (I thought about calling them “The Jazzagals”, but the idea of having to explain that no, all the kittens are not girls, see it’s from this show… made me tired.)

Look who it is! Pretzel and Peanut (formerly Fritter), who went home yesterday! Jill says that they had a busy night, but have settled down now and are all purrs and kisses. Peanut is a total lovebug, and Pretzel is starting to talk more. How sweet are they? (Thanks, Jill!)

Comparison pics! Peanut (formerly Fritter) on the top on October 12th (left) and December 27th. Pretzel on the bottom, on the same dates. They went from kind of scruffy-looking to sleek and gorgeous, didn’t they?

Moira Rose has got some fabulous whiskers.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Khal, who is magnificent.)

I cannot even with how darn CUTE Moira Rose is. She’s still not sure about being petted but we CAN pet her (especially if we use a toy to lure her close.) She is so soft and cute I just want to snatch her up and squeeze her. She has met Uncle Charlie, and thinks he’s fabulous – she follows him around, he ignores her. It’s a romance for the ages.

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Your first look at Moira in motion. She loooves that packing strap (it’s how I lure her closer so I can pet her.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Permanent residents Charlie and Newt)

You guys. SERIOUSLY. I am dead from the cute. We have Freddie Purrcury (former foster Onion Ring Vittles) on the left and Piper (former foster Dynamo – Ryder’s daughter) on the right. Katelyn reports: “Let me tell you about Freddie and his love for Piper. He follows her EVERYWHERE, rubs on her, imitates everything she does, watches her every move, and shoves himself under her face so she will lick him. It is ADORABLE. He loves her so very much.” I love this SO MUCH!!! (Thanks, Katelyn!!)

Happy New Year, innernets! ❤️ (Charlie)

Rabbit rabbit rabbit.⁠

From Wikipedia: “Rabbit rabbit rabbit” is a superstition found in Britain and North America wherein a person says or repeats the words “rabbit”, “rabbits” and/or “white rabbits” aloud upon waking on the first day of a month, to ensure good luck for the rest of it.

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2020 Fosters: We had 42 fosters in 2020. Here are their sweet faces.

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Sweet Moira Rose. Yes, that is her purring and purring. She’s still not 100% sure about being petted, but she’s definitely coming around.

Look at these happy little faces! That’s Peanut (formerly Fritter) and Pretzel. They’re doing great, have met big sister Abbey (they’re interested in her; she wants NOTHING to do with them) and are exploring the house. They’re fans of TV and Netflix, as you can see. 😻 (Thanks, Jill!!)

Moira Rose is loving that track toy.⁠

Good night innernets. (Charlie)

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I’m not sure if this box is nutrition (yum, tasty cardboard) or a form of exercise (rip off a piece of cardboard, ptui it onto the floor.) Either way, Moira Rose likes that box!

Check out that cute spotted belly. ❤️

“Excuse you, lady, I am flirting with this cute kittyboy.” (Moira Rose & Uncle Charlie)

Good night innernets. (Charlie)


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