9-10-21 Friday

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Ack! I meant to share this question two MONTHS ago, but it sat in my inbox and I just spotted it and realized I hadn’t! (Sorry, Jacquie!)

I see on this date in 2016 you asked for folks’ thoughts on pet insurance. Would it be worth it to asked the question again, five years later? Much has changed in the industry.

How about it, folks? Tell me your thoughts on pet insurance!


I have a question if anyone is interested. My cat, Jada, every year has real itchy areas by her ears. With steroids and antibiotics the condition goes away. However, this time it has cleared except for one spot. Have put her on a Hills P/R food for a few months now, she’s had a negative ringworm test, is on Revolution for any fleas, and goes right back to scratching and bleeding when I take her cone off. Seems like she will spend the rest of her life wearing that cone. Anybody have any ideas?

Hopefully someone else will chime in here, but the only thing that comes to mind for me is to maybe (if you haven’t already tried this) add an omega-3 oil to her diet. I’ve had it help with itchiness several times in the past, and I feel like it’s worth a try. (Side note: when I first got Canasta, she was shedding horribly – as in, every single time I petted her, I’d get handfuls and handfuls of cat fur. She’d snuggle up to me, and I’d leave the room absolutely coated. I’d never seen anything like it before. I tried adding an omega-3 to her diet, and 3 days later the shedding was completely gone. It was very cool to see it work so well, so fast.)

If anyone has any other ideas, please leave a comment!


I am wondering if you have a new camera or is it the lighting at your new home. Recently, I have noticed some of your wonderful pictures of the kittens are sometimes dark and not as vivid and bright as in the past……or is it just me?

I’m using the same camera I’ve been using (in other words, my phone – it’s a Pixel 4a). The lighting in this house is awful – I half suspect that the previous owners were possibly vampires. They certainly liked their house DARK. I’ve replaced all the lightbulbs in the house with brighter ones, but the lighting fixtures all really need to be replaced (they’re pretty old and not in a charming way), and once we’ve gotten all the other stuff done to this house, we’ll start replacing all the light fixtures with lights that will shed, y’know, some REAL light. (The fact that the windows in this house are smaller and fewer than in the last house makes a difference, too.)

(Side note: the list of work being done on this house is not short, believe me. As I type, there are men in our house making holes in the ceilings of our bathrooms to install exhaust fans. Next up: new air ducts either upstairs or under the house (I don’t remember; Fred keeps track of that boring stuff). Then there’s: the new flooring in the computer room and master bedroom, after which we will be carpet FREE. After that: the removal of diseased, dying trees including those (many expletives deleted) Bradford Pear trees in the back and side yards. And: new field lines for the septic tank. Then: some electrical work. Also: new window coverings. The list is lonnng and I am so ready for it all to get done and life to calm down a bit so that I can actually get started painting rooms and replacing light fixtures!)(That might sound like complaining, but it’s just a list of what needs to be done. I do not regret buying this house one tiny bit. I love it! Truly, it feels more like a home to me than the last – absolutely beautiful, wonderful, conveniently-located – house did.)


I tried to get some group shots of kittens at Petsmart this weekend (I’m a volunteer cat/kitten sitter) and thought about you, Robyn. It’s amazing your images aren’t blurry! Do you have a secret for keeping your camera so steady? Or is it just a really good camera?

It’s a pretty good camera (my phone), but mostly my secret is to snap as many pictures as quickly as I can, and hope that one of them comes out sharp enough to use. (Really good lighting – which I do not have at the moment – helps, too!)


Just a question, you mentioned the name of your cat fence a while back. Can you repeat?

It’s the Purrfect Fence, they have a site right here. We use the Existing Fence Conversion System.


Robyn and others who find genetics fun (me also!)-thought I would share this article with you about tabby coloring: Now we know how tabby cats get their stripes.

That is very cool – and interesting!


Do you think that Hannah’s toes will darken all the way or will they stay both brown and white??

This is an excellent question, and I haven’t got a clue. I’m going to guess that they’ll stay brown and white and hopefully her new mama will let us know!


Hannah Hollandaise’s eyes will stay blue? Bet she’ll be able to scam her way to pretty much anything she wants at her forever home…

Yep, Hannah Hollandaise will keep those blue eyes! (I thought for a while that Theo’s eyes were going to stay blue too – they were blue for longer than I expected – but what seemed like overnight his eyes changed color. I expect he’ll ultimately end up with green eyes like his mama.)


Because we are lemmings, we signed up for the Pusheen Cat Kit box, and included in the box was this adorable tunnel.

Hannah Hollandaise approved.

As did Franco Fondue.

I love that Franco Fondue and Tia Teriyaki are both looking at me.

Sofia Soy Sauce approved of this toy ice cream cone.

Alfie Alfredo gave the tunnel the ol’ snifferoo.

Theo Pesto had on his very best Ears of Concentration.

Tia Teriyaki sat and waited her turn.

This is the box everything came in, and it had a perforated section that you could punch out to make a hole, and the instant I put it on the floor, there went Hannah Hollandaise to check it out.

Tia Teriyaki said “Will it ever be MY turn?”

And then it was!

The kittens ran off to play, and mama Molly Marinara decided to check it out. I love that she’s sitting in it looking at the mirror.


Have I mentioned that Khal’s nickname is “Floomp” and that we don’t really call him anything else at this point? I feel like he’s looking very Floomp-y in this picture. Just a big ol’ pile o’ Floomp.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Just dropped off Tia Teriyaki, Hannah Hollandaise and Sofia Soy Sauce for their spay surgeries! They’re good little travelers and only offered up the occasional objection. ❤️ (They’ll spend the night at the vet and will be back with us tomorrow morning.)

I recently ran across this picture (left) of Molly Marinara and a blue-eyed Theo Pesto from July, and it immediately made me think of that picture of Ben Affleck in the midst of an existential crisis. I mean, come on – y’all SEE the resemblance, right? (Of course, Molly Marinara gave up smoking when she got pregnant and remains smoke-free.) ⁠

Here’s a reminder that the floofy gorgeous Molly Marinara is still available for adoption. She is the sweetest girl who is so laid-back, and just wants to be petted (and fed. She’s very interested in food right now and expects regular treats!) We haven’t let her around our permanent residents since she’s still in protective-mama mode, but she’s such a chill girl that I fully expect she’d be fine with other cats as long as they were introduced properly. She absolutely LOVES tennis table balls, loves being petted, will push her head up against your face so you kiss her, and likes being brushed. She’s the sweetest thing, seriously, and so gorgeous that I’m amazed no one has inquired about her.⁠

She’s about 2 years old, has been spayed and vaccinated, and basically is ready to find her forever home so that she can be the baby now. If she sounds like the perfect addition for your family, please email info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. WE ARE LOCATED IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA AND ADOPTERS MUST COME HERE TO COMPLETE THE ADOPTION.

YouTube link
That track ball toy is always a favorite!

Just a reminder that these three boys – Franco Fondue (top), Alfie Alfredo (left) and Christopher Chutney – are still available for adoption. They can be a little timid at first, but warm up pretty quickly and are very playful goofballs. They have a LOT of fun playing like wild things, and when they’re sleepy they’ll curl up against you for a snooze. If one, two or all three of these silly boys sound like they might be the perfect addition to your home, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info@ffhsv.org to inquire. They’ll be neutered on Monday (Sept 13) and can go home soon after. (All kittens must either join a home with a playful cat already in residence OR be adopted with another kitten.)⁠

We are located in Huntsville, Alabama and adopters MUST come here to complete the adoption. info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

YouTube link
Christopher Chutney has learned a new trick and is FAR too pleased with himself, the little turkey.

Theo Pesto’s all “How YOU doin’?”

Good night innernets. ((Permanent resident) Newt.)


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