When I checked my email this morning, I found one from the shelter manager, letting me know that there was space at the pet store, and I could take Fantine there.

I grabbed Fantine up, gave her some love, tossed her in a carrier, and took her to the pet store. I took my time getting her cage set up, letting her sniff around the cat room for a while, then I hugged and kissed her, told her to get adopted fastfastfast (I always tell the kitties that I take to the pet store to get adopted fastfastfast), and left.

I always feel awful leaving cats at the pet store. I hope she gets adopted before Monday!

She loved that banana/ catnip toy. I should have taken it to the pet store with her.

Sug and Toms, snoozing like they do ALL DAY LONG.

Being checked out by Dr. Fantine.

Fantine’s favorite place to sleep.

Myrtle’s favorite place to sleep.

Checking out the goings-on.

Cranky Sugs.


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