7/19/14 – Looking for homes! Please share!

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Y’all will probably remember that I have talked about Heaven in the past – she’s here in the Huntsville area, and has rescued and fostered innumerable kittens and puppies. She’s got a huge heart, and as so many of us do, she probably kept too many of those kittens. A few years ago Heaven’s husband became ill, and the house full of cats and dogs that they were able to care for together has become her responsibility alone, and is overwhelming her. She can’t keep up with the cleaning, and strongly believes that her husband deserves better than the situation they’re living in right now. She has much-loved cats and dogs who must be rehomed as soon as possible.

All the cats are inside only, and have never had fleas or ticks. The dogs are up to date on their shots.


Mr Nubbin……8yr fixed & id chipped

Very loving and very fat! He wants to lay on you and be stroked, and he LOVES his back scratched. He needs to go on a diet, he still has a spark and loves to play fetch with pipe cleaners!
Nubbin would prefer older children.


Miss Funkie….9yr fixed & chipped

She an absolute sweet heart, small and light, who loves to chat!

Funkie would be happy in any situation as long as she can ‘talk’ about it!


Miss Visty….7yr fixed & chipped

Tiny ‘statuesque’ shy girl. Rescued from a storm drain. Visty is very quiet, not one to come to you for cuddles but loves her head scratched by someone kind.

Visty needs someone patient and understanding of her shyness.


Jak & Oozie….1yr fixed

Jak & Oozie are so called because they were raised in my Jacuzzi after they were rescued from an awful situation. They are in fabulous health, sleekly, shiny black fur with amber eyes and ‘floppy’ bellies! They look identical except Jak is big and strong, Oozie is small and sweet. Oozie comes and ‘asks’ you to pet her.

I would hate to split them up as they are so tightly bonded. This brother & sister would suit any family situation.


Alpha & Foxtrot……4yr fixed & chipped

Alpha is a fire-cracker! Maybe she has Jack Russell in her, she should have been called ‘Ricashay’ Alpha will play fetch with fuzzy squeaky toys all day, she gives it back to you when you say “gizzit” For all her energy, the minute she’s in her crate, she’s settled.

Her sister Foxtrot is the absolute opposite! She’s shy, quiet and very gentle. Foxtrot just wants to sit with you and kiss you if she’s allowed, she’s quite sensitive, doesn’t like loud things.

Would split them if it was best for each personality to get what they needed.

Both loves little walks, both awesome in crates, both very ‘lovely’

They were bottle fed after their mother was killed.


You can email Heaven at heavenzbeads (at) yahoo.com, or contact her on her Facebook page, here.

Please please share this post! I’d love it if we could help Heaven find homes for these babies.