1-3-17 Tuesday

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I love the holiday season – not least because I am a magpie who likes shiny things, and I mostly decorate the dining room because of the big mantel and the room’s proximity to the computer room, and every time I walked through the room last month I had to stop and stare at the shiny things and the twinkling lights – but I am ready to get back to life as normal, or as normal as it’s going to be, I guess.

(But it’s very dark and dreary in the dining room and I miss my twinkly lights more than a little.)

Thank you all so much for your sweet words in the comments to yesterday’s post – I hope you know how much I appreciate you all!


Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you the kitten formerly known as Dustin. He is now…


How, you may ask, did we go from Boudreaux or Tater Boudreaux to Dewey? Well, that’s a good question. Fred did not care for Tater Boudreaux, and we both started to think that Boudreaux was not his proper name at all. So we went through hundreds – if not thousands – of names, and none of them fit. I pushed hard for Charlie McGee and then Fred countered with Charlie Butters (and had to be reminded that he’d used that name with Hemlock just a few months ago, duh.) He offered Colonel Sanders (yeah, don’t think so), we talked it to death, and then we were returning home after running errands Friday morning, and I started going through names from the TV show Justified. Raylan? No. Boyd? Definitely no. Tim? Art? Limehouse? No, no, and no. Winn Duffy? Definitely no.

Then I said “Dickie Bennett? Dewey Crowe?” and we both paused.

“Dewey,” said Fred.

It sounded so right that right then, we knew.

(We knew the way you know about a good melon.)

I insisted that we wait for a few days before we announced it; Fred made it until Saturday morning.

(Dewey is so clearly a Dewey that I can’t imagine any other name for him. I mean, other than “Dewber”, which also fits him well.)

Since our decision to make Dewey a permanent resident, he’s really getting into the routine of the house.

On the cat tree in my room. What you can’t see – what he’s looking at – is Jake flopped down on the floor. They raced like elephants into my room and Dewey raced up that tree.

The pink bed is at the end of my bed, but you’ll note that he’s leaned up against me instead.

I love that he’s standing on tippytoe to eat out of that bowl.

Atop the cabinets, of course.

Hangin’ with his bro. (Dennis is fine with Dewey sleeping near him – he was annoyed that I turned the overhead light on to take their picture.)

The routine the last several days is that Dewey gets the run of the house at night and then for part of the morning. Around 8:00, he decides he’s sleepy, and he heads upstairs to Fred’s room. We shut the screen door and open the back door so that the bigger cats can go in and out the cat door at their convenience. Around 5:00 – sometimes a bit sooner – Dewey sits patiently on the stairs until one of us sees him, whereupon we open the screen door and close the back door. I’m sure that as he gets older, the routine will change, but it’s working well for now.


“LADY. You gonna swing that feather teaser, or what? I’ve been practicing. This time I’m gonna get it. I’m focused, I’m strong, LET’S DO THIS.”

She swings. She misses!

“How’d I miss that? It was RIGHT THERE, it was right in front of me, I was so READY.”

::existential crisis::

“Right. So. Is it snack time, or what?”

So, I am headed off to Petsmart with that floofy girl this evening. I’ll be dropping her off right before adoption hours start (6 pm, if anyone’s interested!) Hopefully she won’t be at Petsmart too long. I mean, look at that gorgeous girl. How could anyone resist?

I’ve got more pictures of her, so you’ll be seeing her for the next couple of days, at least. Fingers crossed for a fast adoption!


“What?” Oh, Newt. Always keepin’ it classy.


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