We let Catie stay out of the cat room all day yesterday, since we were afraid she’d get lonely, and had no litterbox issues. The funny thing is that while our cats always get freaked out when we let kittens run around (I get exhausted just thinking about how constantly hysterical they were when I brought Maddy home), they freaked out a little at first with Catie, and then promptly began ignoring her.

I’m telling y’all, this is the MOST mellow cat I’ve ever seen in my life. She loves to lay around and if you’d like to come over and rub her belly that’s fine, but if not ::catshrug:: whatever. I’d suspect her of being on the kitty dope, but I haven’t noticed her with a case of the munchies, so I guess she’s just naturally mellow. She spent most of yesterday on the second step, just laying there sleeping and keeping an eye on the cats as they went by her.

Fred tried to convince me to take Miz Poo to the pet store in Catie’s place, and keep Catie. Evil man.

Mellow kitty, with a soupcon of sass.

“KissKiss, darling. Want to come to my room for a snort of the ‘nip?”

I have an appointment on the other side of Huntsville later today, so I’ll be taking her to the pet store, since there’s room for her and adoptions are going on tonight. I don’t doubt for a minute that she’ll be adopted out by next Monday, because she’s such a sweetheart, and she’s so striking looking that there’ll probably be a fist fight between people who want to adopt her.


Sweet sleepin’ Sugarbutt.


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