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“Wow. I can see a LOT from up here!”

“And I can reach this little dangling chain (from which I ripped the feather toy) more easily!”

Tricki thinks my slippers need some bunny-kicking.


“Hey! Where muh treat, lady?”

The distinguished gentleman.

The sweet, goofy girl.

Tricki is off to Petsmart in a couple of hours, though you’ll be seeing pictures of her for at least the next few days (I took a lot of pictures of that gorgeous girl!). John Smith will be staying here ’til room opens up at Petsmart. Depending on adoptions, that could be by the end of the week, or it could be a little while. Who knows?

Edited to add: Tricki will be staying here with John Smith ’til room opens up for both of them at Petsmart. John Smith is a talker, and I’m afraid that being alone in the foster room would make him sing all night long. At least this way he won’t be lonely and we’ll all get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

I know I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, we started opening the door to the foster room so that the kittens could roam around the upstairs. We did that one day, and then Alice started not feeling well (for those who missed it, she had a bladder stone that was removed via surgery) and her preferred litter box is the one upstairs in the bathroom. I didn’t want to block her access to it, so we kept the kittens confined to the foster room. On Sunday, John Smith started making it clear that he’d like to have more room to roam, so Fred put up the gates across the bottom of the stairs, and opened the foster room door.

And naturally, John Smith and Tricki spent a good part of their day hiding in the closet in the foster room. New things are SCARY, you know? By the end of Sunday, they were coming to the bottom of the stairs and watching our cats go by. Fred took Stefan upstairs yesterday morning to introduce him to John Smith, hoping that they’d be buddies. John Smith took one look at Stefan and hissed, and Stefan said “I’ll be going back downstairs now, thanks.”

John Smith will have the run of the upstairs during the day for the rest of his time here (however long that is), and we may try another introduction to Stefan and see how that goes.


Stefan hopes y’all are staying warm.


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