3-11-16 Friday

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Does Regina have her mouth on the kitten in the pie plate? More pics please! I love it when mamas carry their babies…

She did have her mouth on the baby in the pie plate, but I didn’t get any other pictures. If I’ve made a kitten mad (or scared) enough to get a mama involved, I take it as a chastisement; I moved the kitten back into the crate and apologized to Regina!


OMG! The Fakers made Cats Beavers and Ducks!!!

They certainly did! (I LOVE that blog!)


OK I guess I’m an ignoramus. What is a cow kitten?

A mostly-white kitten with black or gray spots, like a cow.


I just saw the list of possible foster names, and I was totally amazed because a good number of them are names I have actually used for some of my previous fosters! I’ve had an Apple Jack, a Cocoa Puff, Cheddar, Sunkist, Popcorn, Pretzel, Nacho, Dorito, Penne, Ziti, and Tortellini. I think it would be really weird for me if you ended up naming a new foster one of these… I’d always be thinking about my previous foster!

I think that the cereal names and pasta names are popular ideas – I’ve seen many a Ziti and Penne. And cheese names for an orange litter is a popular idea, too.

For those of you who are interested, I finally compiled a list of all the names y’all have suggested (and names that Fred and I came up with) and put them together in a very long list, which you can see here.


So the Pie scratcher/bed arrived five minutes ago, and three minutes ago, Precious had curled up in it and claimed it as her own. Magic! (Although the next size up – if it existed – would suit her batter, her motto is ‘if I fits, I sits!)

One question – Do you have any idea what is in the little foil packet attached to the paper liner? That’s me being curious – whether it is silica, catnip oil or some treat, I am just going to trash it: clearly Precious doesn’t need it to to be attracted to the bed!

The description on the Amazon page says that it’s catnip, but I think it might actually be Silvervine. (Connie did a post recently about silvervine.)


I was wondering how old Mama Sheriff was. I love her little face which reminds me of my Sadie the Grumpy Ole Lady who is 17.

Sheriff Mama (Kara) will be 9 years old on April 1st! (You can see her page here.) That means she’s been with us for 8 years (she was guesstimated to be about a year old when we got her). Time sure does fly!


I have a question for the cat crew here. Anyone ever had a cat lose a claw? I think she damaged it, because she’s been limping for a couple of days, but yesterday I noticed it had come out entirely. I think it hurts, but it’s clean and shows no signs of infection. Should I take her to the vet?

I haven’t had a cat lose a claw, but I’d get her to the vet just to be safe.


I’d really love to see those pictures of the flying cats. I forget who it was but I think one was orange? Thanks!

There are some flying kitten pictures here!


I know that kittens can’t really see all that well when their eyes first open, but I swear Ken Adams is always looking at me!

“Hi, Mama! Hi!”

“Oh lord, where did all these children come from?”

Not the best picture, but I wanted to make sure y’all admire Susie’s goatee.

Feeding time from above.

Poor Regina. She’s clearly thinking “SIGH. Is it time to wean them yet?”

Bert Macklin (laying on his side, stretching) and Princess Consuela.

“Don’t make me come over there, lady.”

There goes Ken Adams, laughing at his own joke again.


Siblings make the BEST pillows.


Yeah, I think we’re going to need side-by-side pictures of Joe Bob and Regina so y’all can see how much they look alike!


2015: “Bring it over HERE, lady!”
2014: I love how Ferdinand is first on the scene, both times, to investigate what’s going on.
2013: “Stop harassing me. I did some mathematic equations, realized exactly how those babies are planning to exit their current domicile, and I decided I’m NEVER going to give birth. Go away.”
2012: I think it’s safe to say that Emmy is pretty much over one Fred Anderson.
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  1. I had a cat lose a claw. I think she got it caught on one of those toys you hang from the door. I found some blood, then found what happened. It was so long ago, I don’t remember how she acted for the next few days, but we didn’t take her to the vet, and it eventually grew back. She still gets a little annoyed when I go to trim that claw.

    Those hanging toys can be dangerous! This injury happened when we were home-I heard her yell. We put the toy away at bedtime or when we leave the house. We learned our lesson-when our first cats were young, we had one and left it out when we went to work. One cat got the elastic string wrapped around her paw, and it didn’t come off until I got home. Her paw swelled up and we took her to the vet. She’s fine now, except one of the claws on that paw doesn’t grow at all. It’s still there, it’s just short and I never have to trim it.

    • I’ve had the string-wrapped-around-the-paw happen too, although it was a kitten who fell in love with a fabric toy (I don’t think I need to tell you what happens to a fabric toy when a kitten falls in love with it). I took her to the emergency vet to get her untangled, since my regular vet couldn’t work her in, but she was fine once it was off, and promptly proceeded to charm the socks off the emergency vet staff. 🙂

      I’m not sure what happened to the claw, honestly, but I’ll take her in. Thanks, guys!

    • A friend fosters and one of her foster kittens got the cord from a dangly toy (on the cat tower) wrapped around his neck. Yes, the worst possible thing happened. I have NOTHING dangly in my home except wands that I control during play.

      • That almost happened to my late Baal when he was a kitten. The scratching post had a dangly toy on a spring, and Baal managed to wrap it around his neck while playing. Thank goodness I was watching when it happened so I was able to snatch him up and unwind him!! (That was the first of his nine lives used in his 16 years!) That spring and string went immediately into the trash, and I have always cautioned friends about toys hanging from scratching posts ever since!

        • Thank goodness. It is not something you would ever think would happen. Many many years ago, a friend had her new chow puppy hang himself in a blind cord. So many things to be cautious of.

      • I always always worry about that – with the blinds cords, or even the straps that tie seat cushions on. I’ve never had it happen, but I have images of it that make me tie the blind cords up next to the top of the windows and keep seat cushion ties short so they can only tie around the dowel and not get wrapped around anything else.

      • That happened to a friend of mine’s cat… except she’d hung her bras off the bathroom door knob to dry, and the cat got tangled in them. Fortunately she found her before it was too late, and the cat recovered. But it was scary, and now I never hang my bras anywhere within cat reach.

  2. The former Iowa farm girl in me wants to help clarify… the cow kitten reference would be to Holstein cows… 🙂

    What ADORABLE Babies and Mama!!

  3. I am not sure what it is a about this bunch but I love all the pictures so much. I always love the photos of the babies but there is something about this group. So wonderful. Will Ken Adams be old enough to run for President in the next election. We could use a good candidate. Sigh.

  4. I ordered that cat scratcher/pie plate but they didn’t ship to Canada so I had it sent to my BF’s house in the States & thought I’d just bring it home next time I visit. However, when the box arrived, BF assumed it was for HIS cat and I didn’t want to disappoint so I didn’t correct him. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem because his senior cat, who turns his nose up at any cat-related thing I buy for him, would reject it and then I would just take it home for my kitties anyway.


    And I still can’t believe I’m saything this, but…

    HIS CAT LOVES IT. Let me be clear, this cat loves NOTHING. He doesn’t even fit in it (they really do need to make a jumbo size for the … ahem… larger kitties) but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get photographic evidence of his cat rolling around in it, sitting in it, napping in it. My BF says it’s now part of his cat’s daily routine to spend time in it.

    This has made me ridiculously happy so now I need to order another for my own kitties and thank you, yet again, Robyn, for giving us a heads-up that more were in stock.

    Unfortunately, my BF’s cat will never know it was ME that gave it to him so I’m still looked upon unfavourably by him every time I visit… but that’s okay, I still adore the grumpy orange fuzzball.

  5. When I first took in my former tom, Buddy, he was found to have two missing back claws that were infected. The vet cleaned them up and used a little skin glue to close up the hole. The claws grew back and they are enormous! We call them Megaclaws.

    Robyn, Over at TinyKittens.com, Shelly is fostering a feral litter just born on Wednesday. One of the little muffins isn’t doing well. Have you ever had a wee baby not thrive for you?

    • I have been extraordinarily lucky – I thought we were going to lose Tony Rocky Horror, but he pulled through (and then some!) The only kittens I’ve lost were four kittens in 2009, but to be honest, I don’t think they really ever had a chance, they were removed from their mother at birth and never given any time with her. Shelly does an amazing job – that tiny kitten is in the best hands possible!

    • happened to me way too often in the beginning, because our cat population was out of control up here, and too many were living wild.. fortunately it’s been a few years since I had a kitten not make it *knock wood*

  6. One of my cats lost a claw when she was younger (a back one), and we never did figure out how she did it, just noticed a couple of very small smears of blood on the carpet. Never did find the claw, either. But it seems that she tore everything out, because she’s been clawless on that toe since then. (We did keep an eye on it and keep it clean so it healed, but never did take her to the vet for it.)

  7. Those are some really cute kitten pics. Also there are some really fun and hysterical names on the TO-BE list. Can we add to that? I thought of Names in songs from the 70’s’s/80’s: Fernando, Brandy, Jenny, Rio, Diamond, Mandy, etc.

  8. Looks like you are going to get A LOT more fosters if you are going to make a dent in the ever-growing names list !!!!!!! Lot of work for you bit YIPEE for us !!!!!!

    I think this batch of kittens has some extra marshmallow fluff in them they are so adorable !!!!!!!!!! I don’t want them to grow up yet but I really can’t wait to see videos and pictures of the rambunctiousness to come !!

    Have a fabulous kitten/cat filled weekend 🙂

  9. Re: List of Names – Mrs. Wolowitz’ first name is Debbie.

    When I need a pick-me-up, I have the video of Spitty Mary bookmarked for my amusement. Makes me laugh every time!

  10. I love this litter, they are so color-coordinated….guess Regina didn’t sleep around 🙂 Have you had other litters that are so matchy-matchy before?

    • I think that’s one of the things that makes this litter so cute! I’m not used to seeing color-coordination like that in a litter.

  11. Ken Adams IS watching you, or the camera. He needs it to practice the story he’s making up about hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibbidao (sp, yeah, so not looking it up) so he can be a hit with the ladies. How you doin’? hee hee

    • Ooh, I love this one!! As someone who is Chinese, the idea of a kitten named Shumai is just hilarious to me (even more than Bao, which is also Chinese).

        • Oh my, if you ever have kittens named Shumai and Wonton, I think I’d have to adopt them! (I don’t believe in changing a pet’s name — that’s the residual effect of reading “Black Beauty” as a child — so if there is a bonded pair out there with those names, I’d want them!)

  12. There’s even a polish dumpling translated to “little ears”-Uszka: what a cute kitten name!

  13. my kitten name contribution is The Vikings – Lagertha, Ragnar, Floki, Aslaug, Rollo, Bjorn, Brynhildr, Sigurd, Helga, Torvi, Erik, Torstein, Arne, and the names go on…. These will be fierce little raiders and wrestlers.

  14. I will not look at your kitten name list.. nope.. won’t do it.

    Jack lost a claw two different times. each time I kept an eye on it and it did just fine after growing back. Sadly I can’t remember if he lost the same one twice or if it were two different claws. I do know both of them were on his back feet