11/23/10 – Dog in Georgia needs a home!

Update 11/29:

A local (Atlanta) rescue has agreed to take Hank and foster him until they can find a home for him. He’ll be in safe and loving hands, and his owner can regain his strength without worrying about Hank. Thanks, all of you who spread the word!

Update 11/28: Hank is still looking for a home!

Hanks owner will be moving in with his nephew on friday. It will provide him some much needed assistance. However dogs are not allowed at the nephews apartment. If anyone is looking for a lovely young dog needing a little training please let me know. We will deliver him if necessary.

Attention, Georgia residents!

From Rachael:

A young dog showed up at my workplace several months ago and we were unsuccessful in finding its owners. We had him neutered and had his shots but could not keep him since he doesn’t like cats and we do have cats.

A friend was looking for a dog to keep him company since he couldn’t work anymore due to having MS and he wanted to give this dog a home. Unfortunately, he’s had a stroke and while he’s on the road to recovery, the day to day tasks of taking care of the dog are getting to be far too much for him and he’s come to the conclusion that even as much as he loves the dog, he must give him to a new home. He’s not able to walk with the dog at all or play much at all. The dog gets tied to a short lead outside the home for much of the day to get as much freedom as possible but my friend knows this isn’t a proper life for him.

So please, can you put the word out for me through whatever channels you have available to you (Facebook, Twitter, Rescue Groups, Foster homes, etc).

The dog is currently residing in Oakwood, GA but my husband can make arrangements to bring him down here if needed.

The dog seems to be a yellow lab.
He is neutered and has had his shots.
He loves people. You can walk around the yard and he will follow you the entire time. He is a huge attention whore. He loves people…….. He doesn’t like being left alone outside but will calm down after about 5 minutes.
He’s quiet. He’s never barked at cars, animals or passersby.
He has gotten out of the back yard twice. Both times, he walked around the house and pawed at the front door and waited to be let back inside. He’s NEVER bolted or took off running.
He’s young – maybe a year old. He responds really well to people and we had been working on basic commands and were planning an obedience class before our friend had the stroke.
He sometimes jumps on you if he’s super excited but he responds well to a knee in the chest. Obedience will fix this but like I said, our friend had a stroke and can’t complete it.
He doesn’t chew furniture but he loves chewing rawhides and soft toys.
He has a crate that can be used for crate training. We purchased it for our friend to use in case the dog got to be too much and unfortunately since the stroke, whenever the dog is not outside, he’s in the crate.
He weighs around 30 or so lbs now (educated guesstimate)

Look, this dog is a real, real sweetheart. He’s not perfect but he loves people so much and he just craves love and attention. He loves to sit on your feet and just have you pet him. He leans into you to the point that if you move, he falls over.

Please put the word out so we can find this boy a good home.

He has toys
We just purchased a 48 lb bag of dog food for him
Lead (for tying outside)

Contact me if you’re interested.
Email: rgrillo (at) ymail.com
Tel/Text: 404-939-0548


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  1. I copied this and sent it around to all my friends here in NE Florida. 🙂 Please ask the sender-inner to let us know if he finds a home. Sure wish she included his name!

  2. He’s beautiful…I can’t take him (wish I could of course!) but I have cats. I have posted on mt facebook…GOOD LUCK PUPPY <3 and WELL DONE Rachael!

  3. I have two people interested in him. One has a brother in Atlanta, one lives on the other side of the lake from Oakwood!!!! [fingers crossed]!!!!

  4. Awww, <3 yellow lab! I have a yellow of my own, and they're wonderful critters. Fingers and toes crossed for this guy finding a forever home of his own. Pets and ear-scritches, as well.